[CentOS] how do I manage a Dell PE 860 server via IPMI?

John R Pierce pierce at hogranch.com
Fri Jun 20 22:36:52 UTC 2008

Rudi Ahlers wrote:
> Hi all
> I'm trying to get to grips with this one, but just can't figure it 
> out. I recently acquired some 2nd hand Dell Poweredge 860 servers, and 
> noticed that they have built in remote management interfaces. So, I 
> have setup one, and assigned an IP address to it, but have no idea on 
> how to access it remotely. Google'ing for an answer didn't bring me 
> more than general product information about various different IPMI stuff.
> So, how do I actually access these servers remotely? If possible, I'd 
> like todo it via another CentOS server at the DC using SSH.

do they have teh DRAC 4/p management module?  if so, you configure that 
(can be done from the BIOS setup, I believe) to have an IP, then you can 
access them with a web browser.  this is done via the seperate ethernet 
port on the DRAC card.   change the default DRAC password on first 
access (no, I don't recall what the default is, but if you google for 
site:dell.com drac-4 documentation, I'm sure you'll find it).

if its strictly IPMI, I can't help you, I've never figured out IPMI either.

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