[CentOS] DNS query

fabian dacunha fabian at baladia.gov.kw
Tue Jun 24 15:31:24 UTC 2008

Dear All,

i have the following setup

CentOS 5 server running as a primary DNS server for a long time and is
working perfectly fine

the server is on public IP and we have abt 5 zones apart from the reverse
n local zone

now our sister company have recently setup their own DNS and we are
supposed to use it.
earlier our cleints were using a host file

now on my master dns server in /etc/named.conf i created a new zone with
the following statement

zone "cse.net.kw" IN {
    type slave;
    masters {; };
     file "cse.db";
allow-query { any; }; // the default
   allow-transfer { none; };

and when i reload the dns server the file cse.db is not created
also in /var/log/messages i c the following

Jun 24 18:17:41 kmdns1 named[1771]: loading configuration from
Jun 24 18:17:41 kmdns1 named[1771]: zone cse.net.kw/IN: refresh:
non-authoritative answer from master (source

actually i would want all the cleints to query the DNS server
without adding this IP in their configurtion . all the cleint hav our
master dns server in their own setup

so actually query DNS server through our DNS

apprecite your help

or cd i have contitional forwarding something like when a client queries
the our master DNS jus forwards the queries to
instead of sending it out on the internet
since network is connected directly and is a part of out intranet

really wd apprecite your help and ideas with examples



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