[CentOS] rsh issue/update (access denied)...

James Pearson james-p at moving-picture.com
Tue Jun 24 21:25:54 UTC 2008

bruce wrote:
> hi...
> i've got an "access denied" issue with rsh on one of my boxes (and before we
> start, no "use ssh" comments.. rsh is what i'm dealing with for now!!)
> i've got a few boxes in my network, and i can successfully rsh into them
> with no issue. however, on one box, i can't access it using rsh, and i'm
> running out of things to try... kind of curious.
> i can login using rlogin.
> i've modifed the /etc/pam.d/rsh,rlogin files, along with the /etc/securetty
> file. i've also changed the /etc/xinetd.d/(rsh,rlogin)files. as far as i can
> tell, nothing else has been changed...
> the curious thing. as far as i can tell... the files on the system that
> doesn't work, are the same as the files on the systems that are allowing rsh
> to occur...
> the err i'm getting in the /var/log/secure is:
> Jun 23 22:16:09 lserver5 userhelper[2186]:
> pam_timestamp(system-config-services:session): updated timestamp file
> `/var/run/sudo/root/unknown'
> Jun 23 22:16:09 lserver5 userhelper[2189]: running
> '/usr/sbin/system-config-services' with root privileges on behalf of 'root'
> Jun 23 22:16:28 lserver5 xinetd[2227]: START: shell pid=2239
> from=
> Jun 23 22:16:28 lserver5 rshd[2239]: pam_rhosts_auth(rsh:auth): denied to
> root at as test1: access not allowed
> Jun 23 22:16:28 lserver5 rshd[2239]: pam_unix(rsh:session): session opened
> for user test1 by (uid=0)
> Jun 23 22:16:28 lserver5 rshd[2239]: pam_unix(rsh:session): session closed
> for user test1

What does .rhosts contain for user test1 contain?

Is it different from the .rhosts file(s) on the other systems - 
including the permissions ?

James Pearson

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