[CentOS] CentOS 5 based distribution

Johnny Hughes johnny at centos.org
Tue Jun 24 18:02:35 UTC 2008

A.B. wrote:
> I've been trying to create a Linux distribution based on CentOS 5, similar
> to (actually, exactly like) how CentOS is based on RHEL. I have been unable
> to find any information about this. Most of what I find are tutorials and
> instructions on using Kickstart. Sometimes I've found allusions to doing
> this, but nothing that gives all the instructions necessary to modify
> Anaconda (or other files) sufficiently.
> I have found an excellent walkthrough (
> http://wings.buffalo.edu/computing/ublinux/) on creating a distribution
> based on RHEL 4. While following the instructions I have found that not
> everything is in exactly the same place when using CentOS 5, but the
> descriptions are close enough that I have been able to figure it out and
> create a mostly "rebranded" install DVD.
> One thing that the above walkthrough does not explain is how to change all
> the text and images (it points to most of the images) and the default
> "packages". By that I mean the screen where the installer asks what
> additional tasks I would like the system to include support for: i.e.
> Desktop - Gnome, Server, Server - GUI, etc...
> I have been unable to find where this information, and some of the other
> text the installer uses (for example, "Searching for CentOS installations"),
> is stored. I've greped the entire DVD (including the expanded stage2.img
> file), but cannot find this text anywhere. Is the information stored in a
> compiled executable? If so, which executable will I need to recompile?

That information is in anaconda

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