[CentOS] How to install *all* packages via kickstart?

Gregory Gerard ggerard at ggerard.com
Wed Jun 25 18:39:51 UTC 2008


I'll give this a whirl.

At a certain point, I got sick of going into a machine and finding  
half the diagnostic utilities (and their dependent libraries) weren't  
installed and that just impeded tracking down the real issues I was  
having. I'm in no mood to wait and pull down packages (and  
potentially not install depending on what's going wrong) at 4am.


On Jun 24, 2008, at 7:07 PM, nate wrote:

> Gregory Gerard wrote:
>> Does someone have a list I can place in the packages section which is
>> known to work and really get everything?
> How about something like this
> cd /path/to/centos/RPMS/dir
> rpm -q -p *rpm >/tmp/packages.list
> and put the contents of /tmp/packages.list in your kickstart to
> get everything installed.
> Or if you don't want to list the version numbers something like
> for i in `echo *rpm`; do rpm --queryformat %{NAME} -q -p $i 2>/dev/ 
> null;echo
> "";done | tee /tmp/packages.list
> Not that I can think of a good reason to install every package  
> available..
> There may be packages that conflict with other packages as well, I've
> never tried installing everything before.
> nate
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