[CentOS] Minimized Firefox is not visible on panel in CentOS 5.2

Alex White ethericalzen at gmail.com
Mon Jun 30 01:08:20 UTC 2008

hce wrote:
> Hi,
> I opened a Firefox on Desktop, but when I clicked Minimize Window
> button, the Firefox disappeared and there was no icon on the panel, I
> simply could not find it any more (it did not close), this was the
> same for the terminal as well . How can I make the Firefox icon
> visible on panel (or workplaces) even it was minimized?
> Thank you.
> Jim

Have you tried (re)adding the window list to the panel? Perhaps it 
was deleted (accidentally or through some setting hiccup)?

I've deleted the application window list before and had to re-add 
it. Simply right click the panel you want the list on and then 
choose Add to panel. You'll get a list of items to add the one 
you're looking for is Window List. You can also try Window Selector 
I think it is. It's slightly different but same principle.


Alex White
ethericalzen at gmail.com
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