[CentOS] Re: about mono

Sun Mar 2 14:22:45 UTC 2008
Miark <mlist2 at gardnerbusiness.com>

Hey guys, I propose a _new_ contest. Who can come up with the
best retorts to this jerk. 

I'll start...

> Hey mother f* I'm not playing games... the GUIs
> are not fine in CentOS, this comunity is a sheet nobody help,
> no body said anything usefull. Yes i'm begining in Mono but
> i'm not a newbie I'm master in computer science in the best
> university of Cuba, 

Best one in Cuba, eh? Meaning what, you can program in Logo?

> I have some certifications in development, 

And some deficiencies in social development.

> be carefull how do you refere to me don't f* me. 

Right, cuz after your raft ride to the mainland, you're
going to hunt us down like the capitalist pigs we are, right?

> Can any body say something or not?

How about this: leave the list, you thankless, insulting,
foul-mouthed, jerk.

> where is the super community, the friendsheep

You'll have to ask the geniuses in the animal husbandry program
at your "best" school about the friend sheep. I'm sure they're
well acquainted.