RE: [CentOS] Recommendations for a “real RAID" 1 card on Centos box

Fri Mar 14 13:47:14 UTC 2008
Therese Trudeau <mswotr at>

>> That's a very good point never thought of that.  Acrtually this RAID 1 setup I'm planning
>> is for my desktop machine, problem is is's not built like a server so there is not the traditional 
>> slid in bay for a second PS as do many 1 and 2u rack servers have.  Unless there is some
>> specialty product available that somehow fits in to a tower case.  
>> Could you reccomend a redundant PS for a desktop machine (if they exist)?
> The whole system needs to be designed for dual supplies. You can't just 
> plop down two power supplies in parallel without some circuitry that  
> attempts to monitor & balance them out.

Yes I realize that thanks, just wondered if there was some new product combo out 
there for existing towers, i.e. dual power supplies with controller boards, 
from your comment I assume there is not.

I'd be willing to migrate all of my hardware, i.e. motherboard, monitor card etc,
to a new case, if I could find a case which includes a controller card for the power supplies, or
a case that comes complete with such.  

> I'm curious - why does your desktop needs so much redundancy ?

Because I use the desktop machines about ten hours a day, I work out of home, 
doing graphic design, web design, uploading files to server, managing server, etc.  The home
desktop machines are just as mission critical as the server I upload to is.  Maybe more so,
because if there is a problem server side, I need remote access to it 24/7.
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