[CentOS] Installing Postfix/Dovecot

Thu Mar 27 20:00:29 UTC 2008
Giulio Troccoli <giulio.troccoli at tiscali.co.uk>

Anne Wilson wrote:
> On Thursday 27 March 2008 19:04:02 Giulio Troccoli wrote:
> No, you are misunderstanding this.  Your line needs to be 
> mynetworks =,
> The /24 denotes a Class C network, which yours is, and the final part is the 
> loopback address.
Those were just testing when what suggested didn't work. My main.cf now 
has exactly what you say.

> Now for the mail sending.  Have you got a file called 'transport' 
> under /etc/postfix?  And one called transport.db?  This last one is what 
> tells postfix where to send things.  The transport file needs lines like
> lydgate.lan	smtp:[]
> .lydgate.lan	smtp:[]
> *	smtp:[smtp:mailhost.zen.co.uk]
> where the first two lines define that anything addressed to anyone at lydgate.lan 
> is local, and should be delivered onto my imap server.  The last one sends 
> everything else to my ISP.
> When they are ready, you just run 'postmap transport' and it creates the 
> database.
I didn't know this. I change the transport file and done 'postmap 
transport'. I have also restarted postfix, just in case, but still no 
joy. However, are those your settings so that I should have something like

troccoli.it      smtp:[]
.troccoli.it      smtp:[]
*      smtp:[smtp:tiscali.co.uk]

where is the IP address of my mail server?
> You also need to make sure that your system knows you want to use 
> postfix.sendmail, instead of just sendmail.
I have previously run system-switch-mail and chose postfix.

> Anne
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