[CentOS] Windows key works some times I boot, doesn't work others

Fri May 9 06:13:03 UTC 2008
Nick Fenwick <neek at tcp.co.uk>

Hi all,

I run CentOS5.1 with all updates, and like to use metacity's keybindings 
(gconf-editor->/apps/metacity/global_keybindings and 
keybinding_commands) to set shortcut keys for xterm, nautilus, and the 
like, so <Mod4>x runs xterm and <Mod4>e runs nautilus, rather how 
Windows-XP keyboard shortcuts work.  I always log on as 'neek', the only 
user other than 'root' that I use for user shells on this laptop.  I've 
used a default Gnome desktop since fresh install about 4 months ago.

I find that sometimes when I boot, the keybindings take effect, and 
sometimes when I boot, they do not.  I reckon one of two things might be 

- on some boots, the gconf configuration that I have set up fails to be 
- on some boots, my windows key mapping somehow gets screwed, so that 
pressing it does not send a Mod4 keystroke to whatever recognises them

I don't think the former is happening, because I can run gconf-editor as 
'neek' and see my keybinding configuration even when the keybindings are 
not working, such as this morning.

I suspect the latter, because I can press Mod4-x and get an 'x' 
character in places where I'd expect it to not give me an 'x', for 
example in an xterm pressing the key combination just sends an 'x' to 
the console, whereas alt-x does not.  When the windows key is working as 
expected, I don't see an 'x' echo'd to the console.

How can I investigate why my Windows key is not triggering the expected 
keybinding commands?