[CentOS] OT, but just a quick question.

Fri May 9 06:35:18 UTC 2008
John <jses27 at gmail.com>

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      I know this is off topic, so please accept my apologies. This is just
out of curiosity, and a number of people I've talked to in the area I live
in have said the same thing. About 2 weeks ago, my one remaining xp machine
downloaded and installed an update from Microsoft. Ever since then, the
machine has run slower than a dead person. I was just wondering if anyone
here on the list who still has a xp machine or two running has noticed the
same thing?



Yea a little bit off topic I would say. But the thing is you may be on to
something as I have also noticed numerous XP machines that are way slower on
boot up when they get to the desktop that I administer. This has been going
on for about 2.5 weeks now. The symtoms that I am see are when the desktop
appears it seems to want sort of hang when opening up any application. They
are real unresponsive in nature. Also some client/server/apps take longer
(20 - 30% slower). All of these are XP Pro machines. I would not freat over
it because XP EOL support is around the corner, unless you have corporate

Hope I made your day! This list is for CentOS (Linux) not M$


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