[CentOS] Recover ICH9R raid5

Sat May 10 03:30:44 UTC 2008
Ruslan Sivak <russ at vshift.com>

I have a raid5 on an onboard ICH9R FAKERAID.  I was booting into windows 
and windows crashed as it sometimes does, which put my array into a 
degraded step.  At some point before the array finished rebuilding I 
unplugged one of the drives and forgot to plug it back in.  When I 
booted up the system, it told me that the array was now failed. 

I plugged the drive back in, but the array stays as failed and offers me 
no option to repair it. 

I heard that dmraid supports ICH9R raid.  Is there any way to get the 
data off of there?  When I try to use dmraid of a knoppix live cd it 
complaints about an unsupported map state 0x2.  I heard there was a 
patch http://people.redhat.com/heinzm/sw/dm/dm-raid45/, but I'm not sure 
how to apply that to a LiveCD. 

Does anyone have any ideas on how I can recover the data?  Maybe I can 
just change the metadata and force it to boot the array?