[CentOS] Intel ICH9R Raid5 Recovery

Sat May 10 03:44:43 UTC 2008
Ruslan Sivak <russ at vshift.com>

I had a raid5 on an onboard Intel ICH9R chip under windows.  Windows 
crashed, as it often does, and the array became degraded.  At some point 
during the rebuild, I was doing some hardware maintanence and unplugged 
one of the drives, and forgot to plug it back in. 

When I booted up, the array came back as failed.  I turned off the PC, 
plugged the drive back in and powered it back on, but the array stayed 
as failed. 

Is there a way to recover the data?  I heard dmraid supports ich9r raid 
volumes, but I keep getting an error saying unsupported map state 2.  I 
found out that dmraid doesnt' support raid 5 (at least not on a ICH9R 
chip).  I heard about this patch: 
http://people.redhat.com/heinzm/sw/dm/dm-raid45/, but I'm not sure how 
to apply it to a linux live cd.  Does anyone have any idea? 

Is there maybe a way to reset the metadata to make the intel controller 
boot the array anyway?