[CentOS] A couple of CentOS 5.1 issues

Wed May 14 13:37:13 UTC 2008
Alfred von Campe <alfred at von-campe.com>

I've finally made the switch to CentOS 5.1 (I had been running 4.6).   
So far, so good, but I do have a few issues.

First, I can not find kermit (or ckermit) in any of the repos (base,  
extras, centosplus, rpmforge).  On my 4.6 systems, /usr/bin/kermit  
was provided by the package ckermit in the base repo.  That package  
appears to be no longer available.  Any ideas where I could find a  
suitable replacement?

Second (and this is probably OT), I use the binary nVidia driver and  
the keyboard and mouse sharing utility Synergy (http:// 
synergy2.sourceforge.net, a fantastic utility without which I would  
be so much less productive).  Since upgrading to CentOS 5, if the  
nVidia card goes into powersave mode, it can not be woken up by  
moving the cursor from the Synergy server to the Synergy client  
display (in this case, the CentOS 5.1 systems); you have to hit a key  
on the keyboard that's physically attached to the CentOS 5 system to  
wake it up.  Is there a way to have the display wake up when the  
cursor is moved into the client display?  Or at least disable this  
"deep sleep" mode on the nVidia cards?  I have not changed the  
hardware or the version of the nVidia driver when upgrading from  
CentOS 4.6 to CentOS 5.1, and I did not have this issue before the