[CentOS] A couple of CentOS 5.1 issues

Wed May 14 13:50:48 UTC 2008
Steve Huff <shuff at vecna.org>

On May 14, 2008, at 9:37 AM, Alfred von Campe wrote:

> Second (and this is probably OT), I use the binary nVidia driver  
> and the keyboard and mouse sharing utility Synergy (http:// 
> synergy2.sourceforge.net, a fantastic utility without which I would  
> be so much less productive).  Since upgrading to CentOS 5, if the  
> nVidia card goes into powersave mode, it can not be woken up by  
> moving the cursor from the Synergy server to the Synergy client  
> display (in this case, the CentOS 5.1 systems); you have to hit a  
> key on the keyboard that's physically attached to the CentOS 5  
> system to wake it up.  Is there a way to have the display wake up  
> when the cursor is moved into the client display?  Or at least  
> disable this "deep sleep" mode on the nVidia cards?  I have not  
> changed the hardware or the version of the nVidia driver when  
> upgrading from CentOS 4.6 to CentOS 5.1, and I did not have this  
> issue before the upgrade.

This may well be an upstream issue; I have recently begun to  
encounter the same problem on a RHEL 5.1 workstation, using Synergy  
and nVidia binary packages from rpmforge (synergy-1.3.1-2.el5.rf,  

I first started seeing this issue last week, after a reboot;  
unfortunately I'm not sure off the top of my head which packages I  
had recently updated.  Before last week the desired behavior (the  
display waking from sleep upon mouse movement) was present.


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