[CentOS] PPPoE client help

Wed May 28 20:42:03 UTC 2008
Robert Moskowitz <rgm at htt-consult.com>

Please point me in the right direction....

My ISP is giving me an IPv6 prefix, but to get that I have to:

The current Speedstream ADSL router will be configured as a bridge.  I 
will have to set up a Linux (read Centos, I hope) router that will 
connect ethernet to the Speedstream but run PPPoE to his network and get 
both the IPv4 and IPv6 route delegations.

There is no easy way that I know of to test this ahead of time.  I 
basically have to get the box configed, have my ISP switch the 
Speedstream to briding mode, and GO!  So I need to do some reading....