[CentOS] PPPoE client help

Wed May 28 21:16:39 UTC 2008
Alex White <ethericalzen at gmail.com>

Robert Moskowitz wrote:
> Please point me in the right direction....
> My ISP is giving me an IPv6 prefix, but to get that I have to:
> The current Speedstream ADSL router will be configured as a bridge.  I 
> will have to set up a Linux (read Centos, I hope) router that will 
> connect ethernet to the Speedstream but run PPPoE to his network and get 
> both the IPv4 and IPv6 route delegations.
> There is no easy way that I know of to test this ahead of time.  I 
> basically have to get the box configed, have my ISP switch the 
> Speedstream to briding mode, and GO!  So I need to do some reading....

This link may help you, I'm not sure, there is no ipv6 coming from 
my ISP yet. So I've not had the experience of messing with it yet.


Also, I believe there is some information concerning rp-ppoe and 
ipv6 mentioned in the man page, one of the options is listed in the 
pppd man page is pppd=ipv6 or ipv4. Would this be what you're 
looking for?

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