[CentOS] "yum update" did not update kernel on one box

Wed May 7 19:38:09 UTC 2008
Kai Schaetzl <maillists at conactive.com>

Lanny Marcus wrote on Wed, 07 May 2008 13:13:13 -0500:

> On
> compaq1300, I do *not* have the three boot options (original kernel,
> latest kernel and Windows XP). I have two (2) options, if I interrupt
> grub:  (a) the original kernel (b) other, which is Windows XP

Ok, that explains it. I bet you see that different on your other systems. 
You either boot with the Windows Boot-Manager (which looks different from 
the CentOS one, so you should be able to easily see that) or with some 
Grub on *another* partition (not the boot partition on hd(0,2) which is 
the third partition on disk 1). 
In which order where the systems installed? Did you run into any trouble 
after installing the second one concerning the dual-boot scenario? Try to 
reminisce about the history of the system and what got installed when and 
how. And if you reinstalled grub (or fixed the Windows boot manager with 
fixmbr from the Windows recovery console) some time later for instance 
(and then to the wrong partition). That is the clue to understanding why 
it is different to your other systems.
The Windows boot menu is called "boot.ini" and is in the root drive of the 
Windows installation (it's hidden in Windows). If that doesn't contain any 
mention of your CentOS, then try to mount the other unmounted partitions 
one by one and check which holds the other /boot partition.


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