[CentOS] "yum update" did not update kernel on one box

Wed May 7 20:10:58 UTC 2008
Lanny Marcus <lannyma at gmail.com>

On Wed, 2008-05-07 at 21:38 +0200, Kai Schaetzl wrote:
> Lanny Marcus wrote on Wed, 07 May 2008 13:13:13 -0500:
> > On
> > compaq1300, I do *not* have the three boot options (original kernel,
> > latest kernel and Windows XP). I have two (2) options, if I interrupt
> > grub:  (a) the original kernel (b) other, which is Windows XP
> Ok, that explains it. I bet you see that different on your other systems. 
> You either boot with the Windows Boot-Manager (which looks different from 
> the CentOS one, so you should be able to easily see that) or with some 
> Grub on *another* partition (not the boot partition on hd(0,2) which is 
> the third partition on disk 1). 
> In which order where the systems installed? Did you run into any trouble 
> after installing the second one concerning the dual-boot scenario? Try to 
> reminisce about the history of the system and what got installed when and 
> how. And if you reinstalled grub (or fixed the Windows boot manager with 
> fixmbr from the Windows recovery console) some time later for instance 
> (and then to the wrong partition). That is the clue to understanding why 
> it is different to your other systems.
> The Windows boot menu is called "boot.ini" and is in the root drive of the 
> Windows installation (it's hidden in Windows). If that doesn't contain any 
> mention of your CentOS, then try to mount the other unmounted partitions 
> one by one and check which holds the other /boot partition.

Kai: I am not using Windows Boot Manager. Grub comes up, as on the 2
boxes, where things are working properly.

Questions: (a) Can I copy /boot/grub/grub.conf on my box and replace
that file on my wife's box, with my version? Would that work OK? Worth a

(b) Which files should I compare, between my box and my wife's box, the
problematic one, to see if I can locate differences?

There was confusion on my part, when I installed Windows XP on my wife's
box. Hers was the first one I installed Win XP on, which I'd never
installed before and it ended up getting installed more than once.
However, in general, I thought her box was the easiest, with regard to
the WinXP installations. There may have been some partitioning issues
also, since each box has 4 partitions on the Windows side (C, D, E & F).
In general, it is *much* easier for me to install CentOS than to install
Windoze. And, *much* faster.  :-)

TIA, Lanny