[CentOS] Re:Re:Can't get past the splash screen

Thu May 22 20:03:43 UTC 2008
Alex White <ethericalzen at gmail.com>

Eon Strife wrote:
> Hi,
> Thanks, it's Gnome, and I'm stuck when I login as root.
> By using Putty, I managed to create a new user, and then I tried to login to desktop(using nomachine) as that user, and yes, it works. The problem now is that I stuck when I login as the root.

> NX> 596 Session startup failed.                                            <- The additional line in the sshlog of the root
> NX> 1004 Error: NX Agent exited with exit status 1.
> Can't open /var/lib/nxserver/db/running/sessionId{0C2C8B077AB56ED37F7A5A72FE8FA7BF}: No such file or directory.
> mv: cannot stat `/var/lib/nxserver/db/running/sessionId{0C2C8B077AB56ED37F7A5A72FE8FA7BF}': No such file or directory
> NX> 1006 Session status: closed
> Exited with status 0. User pressed Ok.

As a regular user you shouldn't be able to look into that directory, 
so that's normal. Only root and nx can do that.

Interesting (at least to me) is that you get an error concerning a 
session that I do not believe it should be looking for. It's like 
it's attempting to reattach to a session that doesn't exist and then 
it fails. I could be incorrect, but at this point it's simply a data 

On the client machine (assuming it is linux), have you removed all 
session data from the user's home directory? By default this is 
~/.nx/cache-unix-windowmanagername (for you that is likely gnome) 
and ~/.nx/letter-hostname-screen-somerandomhashIthink/

Don't remove the config directory or else you'll have to set up the 
nx information again. See if that doesn't fix the issue. It may not, 
and I'm sorry if it doesn't, but I am not entirely sure about this 
particular issue.

If the client machine is a windows machine there is a .nx directory, 
but I am not sure where it's kept. C:\documents and 
settings\user\.nx maybe. That is where it resides on my windows 
install at work on XP. I may or may not have changed the directory 
so you might have to look around a bit.


Alex White
ethericalzen at gmail.com
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