[CentOS] RAID5 or RAID50 for database?

Mon May 26 14:19:27 UTC 2008
Linux <linuxlist at gmail.com>

On Mon, May 26, 2008 at 1:48 PM, Karanbir Singh <mail-lists at karan.org> wrote:
> ok, so let me be clear about something here - if you are going to say
> there is a bug in the centos code, you need to back that up with a bug
> number at either bugzilla.redhat.com or bugs.centos.org if you cant -
> then you are just a ranting idiot.

There is definitely a bug with raid10 module distributed in centos5
which I bumped into myself. I even gave a referance to you from
md-raid10 developer's own words and since now none of the changelogs
of rhel/centos mention whether some patch has dealt with this *bug*
instead of updating to new mdadm (which would solve this funny
situation) And if there is, I think *You* should show me some
changelog or patch log because you are the offending side here.

However if you insist on seeing a bug number I can create on for you
on bugzilla. On the other hand you have the right to not believe me
and toss to it one day.

> Also, the idea of centos and the whole enterprise platform seems new to
> you, version numbers are not the only thing you need to rely on to get /
> check functionality within the code base.

I guess you are trying to say "Hey folks, dont believe some anonymous
egoist idiot, use raid10 module safely". Otherwise please stop
traducing me. If you have any further knowledge share it with us, or
keep quiet.


Q: Why you idiot "linux" shit dont enter a new bug at either
bugzilla.redhat.com or bugs.centos.org? Dont you know this is your
responsibility as an open-source software user?
A: Because after tossing to this *bug* and simply finding out the
solution I changed my raid configurations to raid1 on centos boxes. I
cannot reproduce.