[CentOS] USB modem on centos

Wed May 28 04:20:51 UTC 2008
John <jses27 at gmail.com>

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I am playing with a USR (us robotics) USB modem model 5637.
in the past I used internal modems and had no issues.
One this unit I plugged it in, dmesg says its recogized.
I did "ln -s /dev/ttyACM0 /dev/ttyS4" this works.
I then did "cu -l /dev/ttyS4" type "AT" and I get OK... looking good.

When I "ATDT my number" I get a connection at 1200 baud (which I should) and
funny characters... I thought looks like a parity thing.
I then did "cu -e -l /dev/ttyS4" type "AT" and I get OK...
Now when I do "ATDT my number" I get a connection at 1200 baud and I get
readable characters.

In the past internal PCI modems I never had to do anything special, just the
cu -l /dev/ttyS4.
I thought modem to modem handled all that speed/parity stuff and computer to
modem just always worked given the correct baud rate.

Does anyone know what the issue might be here. The reason I am asking is my
program that talks to the modems (computer to modem) has always been setup
for 8 data no parity and has always worked. When I use my program on the USB
modem it is not working and I assumed from the parity issue above using "cu"
to demonstrate. When I change my program to be 7 data bits and even parity
it still did not work.

Was wondering if anyone had any USB modem experience on centos and might
know what is going on?


Why don't you try a different Init String like "AT&F". It maybe a driver
issue also. You may need a ndis wrapper. Also it should be "8 none 1" Usb
modems and for that fact NIC card  don't really get along so good in Linux.

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