[CentOS] Yum loses memory when kernel is upgraded

Jussi Hirvi greenspot at greenspot.fi
Wed Nov 5 09:07:09 UTC 2008

Jim Perrin (jperrin at gmail.com) kirjoitteli (4.11.2008 15:23):
> You (and your /etc/redhat-release) say 5.2, but your kernel says 5.1
> (5.2 shipped with 2.6.18-92)

Hm, ok. 

"yum update kernel" did not see anything to update (that's just because the
present problem: kernel was not listed in the rpm dbs). So I did "yum list
kernel" and based on that, "yum install kernel.i686".

This time the kernel update did not erase the rpm db's (or whatever
happened, on two kernel updates before this).

So it seems that my system is now cured, at least for now... Don't know why.


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