[CentOS] Cluster Heart Beat Using Cross Over Cable

Flaherty, Patrick pflaherty at wsi.com
Thu Nov 6 17:12:44 UTC 2008

>   I am running two node active/passive  cluster running Centos3 update
> 8 64 bit on Hp Box with external hp storage connected via scsi. My
> cluster was running fine for  last 3 years.But all of a sudden cluster
> service keep on shifting (atleast one time in a day )form one node to
> another.
>  After analysed the syslog i found that  due to some network
> fluctuation service was getting shifted.Both the nodes has two NIC
> bonded together and configured with  below ip.
> My network details:
> --node 1 physical ip  with  class c subnet (bond0 )
> --node 2 physical ip  with class c subnet (bond0 )
>  --- floating ip  ( cluster )
>  Since it is a very critical and busy server may be due to heavy
> network load  some hear beat signal is getting missed  resulting in
> shifting of service from one node to another.
> So i planned to connect crossover cable for heart beat messages, can
> any one guide me  or provide me the link that best explains  how to do
> the same and the changes i have to made in cluster configuration file
> after connecting the crossover cable.

Hi Lingu,

I realize you're just trying to get this fixed, but what happened on
your network to make an ha pair that has been stable for three years
start getting flakey?

Everything I know about heartbeat comes from

I'm fairly sure all you need to add to your config is a bcast line. In a
simple setup, "bcast eth0 eth1" will send heartbeats over eth0 and eth1,
you will probably want "bcast bond0 eth3" depending on your interface
names. Make sure you are also pinging a third host (the subnet's gateway
is a good choice). There was a heartbeat security issue a couple years
ago, you should consider planning to upgrade to a patched version.



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