[CentOS] only backup selected files

chloe K chloekcy2000 at yahoo.ca
Sun Nov 9 23:55:57 UTC 2008

Thank you.
  How about untar? 
  I am using -T 
  tar cvf file.tar -T file.txt
  inside file.txt, 
  how can I untar those files into /var/www/html instead of /var/www/html/version
  Thank you again

Robert <kerplop at sbcglobal.net> wrote:

chloe K wrote:
> Hi
> I have number of selected files to backup and it is also in different 
> folders
> How can I make it easy?
> eg:
> tar zcvf select-file.tar.gz from selected file or tar zcvf 
> select-file.tar.gz (from selected files in file.txt)?
> Thank you for your help
I'm sure there will be other ideas but in the absence of an "include 
these files" file option, you could employ a simple loop to append the 
files in a list to a tar archive. For example, if you had a file named 
"include" with these 3 records


This would cause the 3 files to be archived as "included.tar".
[rj at mavis ~]$ while read inc ; do echo "including:" $inc ; tar -v -r 
$inc -f included.tar ; done < include

Just to be sure....

[rj at mavis ~]$ tar -tvf included.tar
-rwxr-xr-x root/root 320416 2007-03-14 09:48:15 bin/gawk
-rw-r--r-- root/root 874 2008-09-23 09:53:40 etc/fstab
-rw-r--r-- root/root 135 2008-08-21 21:18:43 etc/resolv.conf
[rj at mavis ~]$ 

The real challenge here is to compile the "include" file correctly.
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