[CentOS] Is there in CentOS 5 Compiz?

Karanbir Singh mail-lists at karan.org
Thu Nov 13 22:50:04 UTC 2008

happymaster23 wrote:
> I have one maybe stupid question - is there in CentOS 5 packages of 
> Compiz Fusion? I am deciding between Fedora and CentOS to install it to 
> my netbook and this is one of most important features that I want.

CentOS-5 ships with Compiz included in the distro, so if you have 
hardware that is compatible, it will work out of the box.

I have built CompizFusion on CentOS-5 but its never really been stable 
with the Xorg version included in the distro, whereas Beryl ( what 
CompizFusion sort of emerged out of ) does work, and it works fine for 
me on a bunch of nvidia / intel / ati cards. The last stable version is 
the one hosted in the kbsingh-extras-testing repo for C5. More details 
on the repo are at http://wiki.centos.org/Repositories

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