[CentOS] Re: hda: no DRQ after issuing WRITE

Matt lm7812 at gmail.com
Sat Nov 22 01:02:23 UTC 2008

>>> Also the fact that the drive is showing up as /dev/hda instead of /dev/sda
>>> means that you are not using the best driver for the hard drive. Go into the
>>> bios and try either native mode to serial ATA or SATA AHCI enable.
>>> You might need to rebuild the initrd from a rescue disk after you boot.
>>>>native mode to serial ATA
>> Did that.  Now it shows up as sda again.  I no longer get the errors
>> either but I get this now.
>> [root at server log]# hdparm -i /dev/sda
>> /dev/sda:
>>  HDIO_GET_IDENTITY failed: Inappropriate ioctl for device
>> Smartd also complains on boot up.
> Smartd is not that smart - it has known issues with SATA drives, as I
> have posted on in this group recently.
> I ran smartctl and Seatool (from Seagate, since mine is a Seagate
> drive) tests on it and had no problems.  Of course, my WD and Hitachi
> SATA drives don't do this, so maybe it is peculiar to Seagates....

Smartd is having a fit about Seek_Error_Rate.  Like you said from
looking at a few google searches this is normal with Seagate drives
and does not mean they will fail.

I think I may be close to having most issues straightened out with
this messy upgrade.  My iostats are still 3 times higher then prior to
upgrade though.  Is it perhaps an issue that Centos 4.7 does not
support the Intel ICH9R SATA controller very well?



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