AW: [CentOS] Nightly yum update did an "upgrade"

MHR mhullrich at
Thu Oct 2 17:23:01 UTC 2008

On Thu, Oct 2, 2008 at 7:56 AM, Bob Hoffman <bob at> wrote:
> [From vandaman2002-rt(at)]
>> Griesbach, Lutz wrote:
>> > Oh, c'mon!
>> > If I want to talk about professional honor, I'd prefer a
>> different list.
>> > So, I thought it might be possible to stick in the release during
>> > nightly updates, but your educational answer doesn't help much.
>> Get out of your high horse. You are running a server with
>> automatic updates and then talk of "professional honor" and
>> "educational answer"? Try RTFM.
> I think he was inferring that you insulting him did not help the question.

A few thoughts:

1) Perhaps Mr (Ms?) vandaman was offended by the lengthy signature
with all the bells and whistles from Lutz.  I remember when I first
started on this list, all I had was my name and title, which happened
to be "Linux Kernel Engineer," and I caught a fair amount of flack for

2) Such a level of disdain and discord is not really appropriate for a
first response on the list unless the question is banally stupid, and
this one, which appears here often enough, isn't quite that low.

3) Suggestion for Lutz (and vandaman): both of you are relatively new
to this list.  In general, it is considered good netiquette to lurk
for a while and see what posts and responses look like before plunging
in and offending people, intentionally or not.

4) If you are really, truly looking for a quick answer, an email list
is not the place to ask first - google is your friend, and email list
archives are a good resource to look through as well.  In this
particular case, the subject has come up often (probably because many,
perhaps most, members do NOT use google or the email archives).

5) Bottom post, trim responses, be polite, no html, etc., etc. -
remember those last few posts right here on this email list?  The
guidelines are right there in a link when you sign up, and you AGREED
to them, so you ought to read them and take heed, too.

"So play /nice/."  (Woody, "Toy Story")



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