[CentOS] Video driver questions

Niki Kovacs contact at kikinovak.net
Thu Oct 2 18:03:22 UTC 2008

Robert Moskowitz a écrit :
> So I did and it made a HUGH xorg.conf.new file.  With instructions to 
> try it out by:
> X -config /root/xorg.conf.new
> Well that brought up X but no window open and left or right mouse did 
> nothing.  So back to <cntl-alt-F1> and I see messages about VNC mode (I 
> have vncserver configured but not running), so it ws trying to do 
> something to accomidate vncserver if I should start it up?
> And there are sections in the new xorg.conf that are not in the 
> current.  Like one for the mouse, a files section and the like, so I 
> figured i would cut and paste, but first....

Of course it helps to read the relevant documentation :o)

I just indicated this method which I've been using for all the years on 
Linux. I began on Slackware, where there is (almost) no configuration 
helper, so you have to read the docs. There's no way around it. And when 
I switched to other distros (like CentOS), I simply kept the habit of 
configuring things by hand.

IIRC, I spent much time with the FreeBSD documentation about the 
graphical server. It's really well done, explaining everything step by 
step. But then, it's not something you can learn quickly in a matter of 
minutes. It takes some time, but it's worth it.

Have fun,


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