[CentOS] Solved: Dell PE2850 with 4GB RAM - Get a hold of yourself

Vandaman vandaman2002-rt at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Oct 3 17:02:29 UTC 2008

MHR wrote:

> This list is for people who need, want or can give help w.r.t.
> CentOS and peripherally related issues.

That's why I posted my question about Xboard on CentOS 4 here. 
I guess you did not see this nor the question about mailing list spam.

> For someone whose name does not even appear in the archives yet, you
> seem awfully hostile to everyone who deviates even slightly from the
> norm here, including people who are long-time members of this list.

There is no hostility in asking people not to conduct conversations 
with themselves or to "style up". Back in the day you would be mincemeat
for doing what people are doing here. My client lists 26 emails per page 
and it was half full of Sorin Srbu replies. You are going to be called 
out for that sort of thing on a public mailing list. 

> Lighten up.  Someday, you, too, may need help and not be quite so
> particular with the guidelines.

You can tell I'm already lightened up - basic google searches on find
on Linux has about 4.8 million replies but I didn't mention this to the 
dozen or so responses to that topic. Sorin Srbu contacted me offlist and
you can bet what was said remains offlist.



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