[CentOS] Re: Nightly yum update did an "upgrade"

Johnny Hughes johnny at centos.org
Sat Oct 4 17:21:18 UTC 2008

Scott Silva wrote:
> on 10-2-2008 4:11 AM Griesbach, Lutz spake the following:
>> Hy there,
>> i have a centos (4.?) Box  with nightly yum update enabled. Last night, it did an upgrade to 4.7 leading to several problem i.e. not respawning the dhcrelay, which is needed on this box.
>> Can I control the update policy not to upgrade to new releases in the nightly updates? I would like do to nightly updates, but make release upgrades manual (I get a new kernel, so I have to reboot anyway).
>> Is that possible? 
>> Regards,
> As far as yum and the machine are concerned, an update of one package or 200
> is still an update. There are no versions 4.6 or 4.7 in a strict technical
> sense, they are all CentOS 4. They are just a point in time that the updates
> are frozen long enough so new install CD's/DVD's can be built.

DING, DING, DING ... That is the correct answer.

CentOS-4 is the release.  If you do any updates when you have any
CentOS-4 installed, you will get all the releases.

The POTENTIAL difference between "update" and "upgrade" is that upgrade
will also include "obsoleted" files and "update" has the potential to
NOT include obsoleted files.  There is no difference in the default
setup between update and upgrade.  To get a difference, you need to set
obsoletes flag in yum.conf to something other than its default value
(obsoletes=1).  If obsoletes is set to 0 instead of 1, then --update
does not install packages that obsolete other packages.

The dist-upgrade analogy that you are looking for does not exist in
CentOS ... we do not support real upgrades (that is from CentOS-3.x to
CentOS-4.x) via yum at all.

4.1 or 4.2 or 4.3 or 4.x (any number for x) are all CentOS-4 and as
Scott said, .1 or .2 or .3 are only a point in time freezing to allow
for he spinning of a new ISO set for install.  This is the same behavior
that you would see if updating a RHEL machine against RHN as well.

> Yum has no way to tell the difference either. You should turn off automatic
> updates, and do them all manually, and maybe join the announce list to be

Now ... an upgrade from 4.5 or 4.6 to 4.7 should not have broken your
machine either, so we need to figure out why it did.

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