[CentOS] mysqld breaks yum, help?

Dac Chartrand dac.chartrand at gmail.com
Mon Oct 6 02:34:54 UTC 2008

On 5-Oct-08, at 10:10 PM, nate wrote:

> Perhaps you should use a distribution that includes all of the
> packages you need rather than trying to bolt a bunch of
> 3rd party stuff on to CentOS.

Only a the PHP packages came from a 3rd party, Everything else as far  
as I know comes from CentOS-Base.repo. I later removed the 3rd party  
PHP rpms (see log) and re-installed what was available from CentOS- 

> I never, ever directly use 3rd party repositories. Never
> have had a problem. I even download mysql from mysql.com and
> build it from source, even go so far as rebuilding php
> to link against the newer mysql(in CentOS 4's case). No
> problems.

Well. this is definitely good advice. But for the rest of us looking  
to use yum, you know, the default CentOS package management software,  
it seems a bit odd top to say "you shouldn't have used yum" when all  
the documentation I searched for led to it?


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