[CentOS] DHCP static hosts and subnet configuration

Marcus Moeller mm at gcug.de
Thu Oct 16 19:51:06 UTC 2008

>>This I am not sure can be done with dhcpd. However you can specify NIC to
>> fixed static addys and the nic harware address in the dhcp.conf file.
>>How does that work?
> JohnStanley Writes:
> This is what I am talking about at the end of the ".conf" file below. That
> is what you are trying or wantting to accomplish?  This is actualy a
> confiuration I use. In all respect I have a question for you.... Are you
> wantting to try this solution because you cant access another subnet? If now
> you are then you need to have a look at your routing tables in your routers
> or vlan configuration on your switches. That's just question or two I could
> be wrong.

Dear John.

This is definitely not what I am trying to do. I try to line out the
setup again:

Subnet A (192.168.2.x) <-> DHCP Server with 2 NICs <-> Subnet B (

Clients on Subnet A should get a static IP from the host declaration.
Clients on Subnet B should obtain dynamic IP addresses from a range.

The two subnets are not physically connected but a Client should be
able to connect to Subnet A or to Subnet B as well.

Best Regards

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