[CentOS] help required

Fabian Arrotin fabian.arrotin at arrfab.net
Thu Oct 16 21:23:43 UTC 2008

fabian dacunha wrote:
> Dear ALl,
> 1) if i have a copy of my /etc/passwd file and the /etc/skel/shadow file
> and if my current HDD crashes ..
yes, you just need the /etc/passwd , /etc/shadow , /etc/group and 
/etc/gshadow for the local auth
Of course, in case of setting up a new box and integrating user 
accounts, i'd prefer doing some cleaning in those files before importing 
them (through vipw for for the passwd file) : i mean remove the system 
accounts first

> 2) i would like to also know about MX records
> i mean DNS server having MX with same priority n MX with different priority
> i right now have a primary n secondary mail server that is dns server with
> different MX records and its workin fine
> if i have 2 servers with same MX priority do i need to create the smae
> users on both my centos servers so tht if one server fails othe one is
> operational . i do presume the above is corect or is there any other way
It depends : you can for example just have the second MX record doing 
queue only for your domain and then deliver to the primary MX when he's 
back online ... otherwise if you deliver mail locally on your secondary 
MX server, that means two mail storages (and not in sync ....)

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