[CentOS] octave

John jses27 at gmail.com
Sat Oct 18 10:05:53 UTC 2008

I installed the hdf5 package off EPEL (via yum install hdf5) and my yum 
install octave still fails with the same error.

Error: Missing Dependency: libhdf5.so.0 is needed by package octave

when I look at that hdf5 package, I see...

# rpm -ql hdf5

libhdf5.so.5 and .5.0.0 and _hl.so.0  != what octave is looking for.   I 
know EPEL isn't a CentOS project, IIRC, its a Fedora/RH projecct but 
this isn't looking good.

JohnStanley Writes:
That's strange because the both links I give you to them have on the down
load page this;
Provides :

Maybe try running "rpm --rebuilddb" or "ldconfig" or "yum clean-all" (bad or
old yum headers can cause that)and then try the install again. Aonother
thing to check may is your priorities for yum. Lastly it could just simply
be the way the rpm was packaged. As in the developer has it going into a
none standard directory or the other way around like Octave is looking for
the lib in the wrong place. You could also take the two hdf rpms and compare
the directory structure.

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