[CentOS] DHCP static hosts and subnet configuration

Marcus Moeller mm at gcug.de
Sun Oct 19 16:08:09 UTC 2008

Dear John,

> Marcus, I do not think what your trying to do is going to work. Why?
> "failover peer "intra-net"" . You will need a dhcp.master configuration file
> on both servers. You running two dhcp servers? Debug with only one server.

Of course, the failover is set up and working correctly. Please note
that I am not new to dhcpd3 configuration.

> Her's my opinion. You need to just  start out with a simple dhcp.conf,

I have already disabled failover configuration during debug state.

> single server and let that be it. On every change you make back it up before
> a change to it. Get one laptop and don't use any WiFi Security on itand take
> out the keys defined for it in in the dhcp file. You should not need a host
> declaration for the laptop if your wantting to get an assigned addy from the
> range

That's what I thought, too. But it does not work if there is a host
declaration for that MAC in another subnet. Maybe it's just a silly

> OK, now while on the laptop topic theres a special decleration you can
> provide for an option "option dhcp-server-identifier x.x.x.x;" What this
> will accomplish is maybe letting your laptops obtain and address. Certain
> Operatting systems can not distinguish between the "SYN" and "ACK" proccess
> of a Unix style ddns. Linux/Unix usualy have no problems with it. This can
> be seen with something like WireShark or tcp-dump on the network. Using
> those two would greatly help solve your problem also. Another note your
> failover dhcp server needs to be the same version as the main one

It is.

> One final note your laptop can be obtaining an address then dropping it
> because of RF conectivity issues.

This behavior occurs on all clients, so I don't think so.

Best Regards

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