[CentOS] Re: Replacement for Intel SDS2 Motherboard

Scott Silva ssilva at sgvwater.com
Tue Oct 21 18:40:35 UTC 2008

on 10-21-2008 11:18 AM Camron W. Fox spake the following:
> Alle,
>     We have recently had one of our office servers go south. The
> hardware was an Intel SDS2 motherboard (EATX), Dual Intel PIII 1.4GHz
> FC-PGA2-L2 512KB, 3GB (6x512MB) 168 pin DIMM, SDRAM 133MHz/PC-133-ECC
> with 1x3Ware 7006-2 and 2x3Ware 7506-4LP RAID controllers. The OS was
> RHEL3. Apparently, according to the beep codes, there has been an FRB
> failure.
>     I've migrated most of the services
> (mail,web,proxy,samba,mysql,mailman,home directories) to an interim box
> running CentOS 5.2.
>     At a minimum, I need to replace the motherboard and CPUS (I'm told
> they are unrecoverable). All the remaining hardware I plan to re-use, as
> well as moving from RHEL to CentOS.
>     Does anyone have any recommendations on replacement motherboards
> with CentOS 5.2 in mind, along with the re-usable hardware requirements?
> Best Regards,
> Camron
I have doubts that you will be able to re-use memory, unless you can find
something in old stock somewhere. No new boards use PC-133 memory that I know
of. But 3 gigs of new memory are *relatively* inexpensive. If the raid cards
are PCI, they should still be usable. The case might be usable, if you can
find EATX motherboard. IMHO a server is too critical a piece of hardware to
re-use parts unless it is a spare or secondary backup point.

By the specs, that server has probably already served for 5 years or more.
If you are willing to use refurbished parts you can look here;


Or if your budget can go higher



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