[CentOS] Help with a sun cobalt with sendmail and centos with postfix

mouss mouss at netoyen.net
Fri Oct 24 20:22:00 UTC 2008

Erick Perez a écrit :
> Hi,
> I have a customer with a sun cobalt running Sendmail 8.10.2/8.10.2 and
> we are phasing out the sun cube due to some limitations. So we have
> installed a new centos 5.x server.
> the format of our current emails are username at domain.com and the new
> format will be name.lastname at domain.com. We have 1600 accounts.
> Both server are in the LAN.
> The MX record that the world sees, point to our current AV/AntiSpam
> appliance, then our AV appliance forwards to the mail server (its a
> trendmicro IMSS)
> The AV appliance lets me define rules that emails for
> username at domain.com should be sent to the mailserver with the cube,
> and it also let me define a rule for name.lastname at domain.com to be
> sent to the centos machine, so I have covered the "from internet"
> inbound email issue.
> going out to the internet, both servers can send emails perfectly.
> However,
> Since both servers will "answer" to the same domain, i need some
> guidance as to how to
> 1- If user hosted on the Sun sendmail Cube sends emails to
> name.lastname at domain.com, make the Cube forward/send the email to the
> Centos machine.
> 2- If user hosted in centos, sends email to username at domain.com, make
> the POSTFIX forward/send the email to the Cube machine.

for the postfix side, use transport_maps:

username at domain.com	relay:[remote.host.example]
(use the brakets to avoid MX lookups).

> Due to internal regulations i must say that:
> 1- users cannot be moved all at once.
> 2- centos machine must use postfix - not sendmail. I can however,
> install sendmail on centos and make it listen in another port other
> than 25 if some solution arises that needs sendmail in both sides.
> Anyways, any guidance as to how to solve this mess is welcomed!!!!
> Thanks,

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