[CentOS] OT: reset IBM Bladecenter AMM web access

John R Pierce pierce at hogranch.com
Sun Oct 26 17:21:04 UTC 2008

Rainer Duffner wrote:
> The default IP is useless to him, unless he has a laptop or some other 
> system connected to it cross-over or at least on the same switch.
> He's at home right now, I guess, so he should look for someone who 
> does know the real IP of that MM.
> Because to reset it to factory-default, you've got to have physical 
> access (at which point he could just removed it from the BC and plug 
> it in again...).

um, simply unplugging it is not going to reset it to factory defaults, 
as the config is stored in NVRAM.

when you've reset its IP and username per the page given 
as the article says, it will default to DHCP, so you'll need to dig into 
your DHCP server's cache and find out what IP it was assigned based on 
its MAC address

If this network segment doesn't HAVE dhcp, you get to access it from a 
host on the SAME LAN segment which has had a 192.168.70.xxxx IP added 
... you can 'remote desktop' to a windows machine on that vlan, or ssh 
-X to a 'nix system, and config said target to have an extra address 
192.168.70.xxx then access the MM via a browser run on said remote host 
and reconfigure it.

whomever earlier 'knocked' the IBM AMM, I dunno, I think they are damn 
nifty, at least as nice as HP's iLO or Dell's DRAC.

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