[CentOS] cpan2rpm

Joseph L. Casale JCasale at activenetwerx.com
Sun Oct 26 23:52:48 UTC 2008

>cpan2rpm is getting relatively old, compared to some of the newer
>things that can be done with the CPAN and RPM build procedures.  The
>latest version isn't available on its sourceforge site and the
>arix.net FTP link requires a login

I yanked it off arix.net?

All this effort is to build a CentOS vm for ASSP 2.0 which is pretty close
to not being an option anymore as the hints at ASSP's dependencies are only
a cpan install script...

I would be grateful for any pointers to newer more supported methods!

>Anyone care to offer opinions on
>  cpan2dist --format=CPANPLUS::Dist::RPM ...

That looks interesting which leads me to really sit here and rethink
my use of ASSP given the work to deduce what rpm's are in base or easily
accessible from rpmforge and exclude them. I am starting to think this is
so not worth the effort!

Thanks for the pointer on cpan2dist.

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