[CentOS] Re: install 5.2 on new dv7z hp laptop

Jerry Geis geisj at pagestation.com
Tue Oct 28 18:10:53 UTC 2008

> >/ Jerry Geis wrote:
> />>/
> />>/ I am trying to install 5.2 on a new dv7z hp laptop.
> />>/ I use "linux noapic nolapic iommu=off " and I get a kernel dump on
> />>/ rtl8169.
> />>/ I dont need the network to install? how do I ignore the rtl8169 to
> />>/ install.
> />>/
> />>/ I tried noprobe and then it doesnt recognize my SATA HD controller and I
> />>/ dont
> />>/ know yet which driver to select as I cant do an lspci to see???
> />>/
> />>/ THanks,
> />>/
> />>/ Jerry
> />>/
> />/ I did the noprobe again and selected the driver ahci and I am installing at
> />/ this point.
> />/ Dont know what will happen with rtl1839 network after install is done???
> />/
> />/ Jerry
> />/
> /
> Jerry, you're going to have to stop talking to yourself on this list.
> Instead of clicking the "send" button, try something else _first_.  I
> have done this so many times I lost count, and I (almost) never need
> to do this.  Heck, it's bad enough I talk to myself audibly....
LOL - funny... I thought I was being helpful in letting the list know I 
had gotten past
the install point with using noprobe.

I do still have issues with the rtl8169 module blowing up.  The second 
comment was just
geared towards hoping someone else might have a suggestion on the 
rtl8169 device
no working and perhaps there was some other OBSCURE command line 
argument that might
help on boot...

Have a great day.


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