[CentOS] Re: install 5.2 on new dv7z hp laptop

Scott Silva ssilva at sgvwater.com
Tue Oct 28 18:43:55 UTC 2008

on 10-28-2008 11:10 AM Jerry Geis spake the following:
>> >/ Jerry Geis wrote:
>> />>/
>> />>/ I am trying to install 5.2 on a new dv7z hp laptop.
>> />>/ I use "linux noapic nolapic iommu=off " and I get a kernel dump on
>> />>/ rtl8169.
>> />>/ I dont need the network to install? how do I ignore the rtl8169 to
>> />>/ install.
>> />>/
>> />>/ I tried noprobe and then it doesnt recognize my SATA HD
>> controller and I
>> />>/ dont
>> />>/ know yet which driver to select as I cant do an lspci to see???
>> />>/
>> />>/ THanks,
>> />>/
>> />>/ Jerry
>> />>/
>> />/ I did the noprobe again and selected the driver ahci and I am
>> installing at
>> />/ this point.
>> />/ Dont know what will happen with rtl1839 network after install is
>> done???
>> />/
>> />/ Jerry
>> />/
>> /
>> Jerry, you're going to have to stop talking to yourself on this list.
>> Instead of clicking the "send" button, try something else _first_.  I
>> have done this so many times I lost count, and I (almost) never need
>> to do this.  Heck, it's bad enough I talk to myself audibly....
> LOL - funny... I thought I was being helpful in letting the list know I
> had gotten past
> the install point with using noprobe.
> I do still have issues with the rtl8169 module blowing up.  The second
> comment was just
> geared towards hoping someone else might have a suggestion on the
> rtl8169 device
> no working and perhaps there was some other OBSCURE command line
> argument that might
> help on boot...
> Have a great day.
> Jerry
CentOS doesn't play nice with brand new hardware sometimes. It wasn't designed to.
If you look at most server hardware, all the pieces are usually well
established hardware, but the desktop and laptop stuff can be "the flavor of
the day" in terms of new engineering.
To top it off, most hardware manu. create windows drivers first because that
is where the money is. Linux comes later, if they support it at all. If they
don't, someone has to reverse engineer the windows driver to see what it does
and port that back to an existing or new linux driver.

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