[CentOS] Problem with svn/apache

A. Kirillov nevis2us at infoline.su
Wed Oct 29 20:45:58 UTC 2008

> I hope someone can help me with this b/c I'm stumped...  I had set up
> an svn repository a while ago with an apache/webdav front end using
> the default centos packages.  For some reason this morning it stopped
> working for me - it would give me a 403 error.  I suppose the problem
> is with Apache and not svn.
> So far I've checked the following:
>       * I use a couple of files called svn_htpasswd_file (for
>         userids/password hashes) and svn_auth_file (users, groups and
>         permissions) - I verified the files were still apache:apache
>         and were user-readable
>       * Just for grins I ran "chown -R apache:apache" on my repository
>         home directory and all repositories
>       * I made a new user entry in the two files listed above with
>         full admin rights
>       * I restarted httpd and rebooted the server
>       * I made sure the httpd processes were running using apache as
>         user
> And I've run out of ideas.  Has anyone else seen this before?

Check all recently modified system logs.
If you have any virtual hosts configured
try to access you repository with a dot address.
Check and restore selinux context of your repo files if needed.
Try to access any of the subprojects under /repos directly.
to see if it makes any difference.


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