[CentOS] RHEL 5.3 Beta released, beta-testers needed

Phil Schaffner Philip.R.Schaffner at NASA.gov
Thu Oct 30 14:02:36 UTC 2008

Dag Wieers wrote:
> Hmm, I am pretty sure at some point in the past registering to RHN was 
> free without entitlements. That is how I have delegated systems and 
> entitlements to other people within RPMforge.
> Maybe it is different now. I will have to find out and document on the 
> Wiki in detail.

Another data point.  I have a valid RHN login but with all entitlements 
expired - did not renew and moved everything to CentOS.  RHN will only 
show me ISOs for old RH products - no RHEL ISOs beta or otherwise.  Back 
when the RHEL5(.0) beta came out the subscription was still active and I 
was able to get and test that Beta.

 From past experience IIRC, if one tries to create a new account it must 
use a new email address, otherwise an error is returned about the 
address already being in use.

Also, if attempting a new registration, from: 

"Red Hat Network provides Red Hat subscription customers with software 
downloads, updates, security errata, and systems management 
capabilities. To access these Red Hat Network benefits, customers must 
log in to Red Hat Network using a Red Hat login associated with at least 
one active subscription to a Red Hat product or service."


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