[CentOS] RHEL 5.3 Beta released, beta-testers needed

Michael Simpson mikie.simpson at gmail.com
Thu Oct 30 14:04:28 UTC 2008

> Hmm, I am pretty sure at some point in the past registering to RHN was free
> without entitlements. That is how I have delegated systems and entitlements
> to other people within RPMforge.
> Maybe it is different now. I will have to find out and document on the Wiki
> in detail.
> --
> --   dag wieers,  dag at centos.org,  http://dag.wieers.com/   --

Hi Dag
according to RHN the only software that i can download is redhat
7.1,7.2,7.3 and 9

Without paying for a subscription for a machine i get

"No images were found matching your criteria"

So registering is free but entitlement isn't.

This was tried with both a corporate and personal login for RHN.

I guess i'll have to wait until a public release.

best wishes


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