[CentOS] tg3 ethernet card drops connection under heavy load

Thu Oct 9 16:24:11 UTC 2008
nate <centos at linuxpowered.net>

Sean Carolan wrote:
> We have an HP DL360 server with dual on-board Tigon3 ethernet cards.
> We are using eth0, eth1 is unused at the moment.  Sometimes when the
> network interface is under heavy load, for example moving large file
> transfers over rsync or NFS, the network interface stops working and
> we lose all connection to the server.  The only solution at this point
> is to jump on the console and restart the network interface.  I have
> not found anything in the log files to indicate what is causing this.
> Has anyone else experienced something similar?  Or perhaps you know
> how I could troubleshoot this?

Upgrade the driver? Back in my RHEL3 days(I noticed you
were running CentOS 3.9), we didn't even bother using the broadcom
NICs and instead installed e1000 on all the systems due to driver
issues with the broadcom chips(this was back in 2003-2005, DL360G2-G3).

Get the latest drivers at www.broadcom.com