[CentOS] new list proposal

Thu Oct 16 00:17:00 UTC 2008
Michael Semcheski <mhsemcheski at gmail.com>

On Wed, Oct 15, 2008 at 6:36 PM, Frank Cox <theatre at sasktel.net> wrote:
> I suspect that most of the discussion and question ask-and-answer stuff
> currently dealt with here will migrate to the new list within a short period of
> time, simply because it will be more free-wheeling and easy to post to.  This
> list will become much less active and relevant if that occurs.

Forgive me for jumping into this thread when I don't often post to
this list.  I think the conclusion that 'discussions will move over to
the tech list' is wrong in the long term.  If I had to bet, I would
say that in the short term, these discussions will move to the tech
list, and everything will go as planned.  In the long term, I think
they will move back to this list (from here till the end of this post,
its the main list.).

The reason is that there will be more people on the main list than the
tech list -- everyone on the tech list will be subscribed to the main
list, but not the other way around.  Off-topic conversations will
spring up out of topics that were once on-topic.  Some people will
disapprove and suggest they move the conversation, but they'll move
only rarely.

This may sound crazy, but maybe the thing to do is let the main list
continue the way it is, but update the guidelines for this list to
explicitly allow the things that Karanbir mentioned in the OP.  Then,
and this is the crazy part, set up a new list called centos-terse or
centos-hardcore or centos-list-of-last-resort.  Let that one be the
new BS-not-tolerated, no noise, all Centos all the time list.

If you're going to subscribe to one CentOS list, it should be
CentOS-announce.  But I'll bet its common for someone to only
subscribe to CentOS at .  Someone else mentioned the Fedora@ list as one
that covers a broad range of topics and works out OK.  I think its
great that you can subscribe to a list that is relevant to an OS you
depend on, but you'll also get a dose of something broader.