[CentOS] Re: DKIM - Read Yahoo's FAQ

Bob Hoffman bob at bobhoffman.com
Thu Sep 25 12:21:54 UTC 2008

Josh wrote

>Agreed! Its amazing to see the childishness of not being 
>able to get one's server in order, ignoring Yahoo's 
>FAQ's and then this kind of BS.
> Looking at the headers of the mail you have just sent from a 
> yahoo client you have not followed to the letter Yahoo's 
> requirements 4-7. 


4- consistent headers- there is nothing wrong with the headers. ...check.
5- can spam act..went there, nothing in my headers or mail suggests it
6- mail authentication- no domain keys here, yahoo does not require except
for bulk mailings, as per their faqs, spf and dkim taken off as useless and
mail breaking.
7- reverse dns- not a dynamic ip...check.

So...we agree to disagree that each thinks the other does not know what is
Lets leave it at that.

Although your email headers have issues.....might want to look into that
localhost thing. That is a red flag. All those different
mailservers from the same domain. Golly.

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