[CentOS] Local yum repository

Sat Sep 13 22:55:19 UTC 2008
Sergey Podushkin <posev at sibmail.com>

saurabh wrote:
> Please help me out
> -  Disabling the local Repo
just place "disabled=1" line in your .repo file for local repository

> or by
> -  Any method to keep it up to date ,[syncing it with some online 
> repository]
copy of DVD doesn't need to be synced, since it doesn't updated at all.
If you want you may need to have mirror of "updates" repository, that is 
  separate repository from "base", that contains originally released 
You can use any methods you familiar with, e.g. rsync, wget mirroring or 
reposync (from yum-utils package).