[CentOS] Yum-updatesd

Sun Sep 14 01:14:46 UTC 2008
Bob Hoffman <bob at bobhoffman.com>

> > This is on, via the chkconfig and seems to run a lot.
> > TO DO: auto update YUM for the computer once a day.
> > Files: /etc/yum/yum-updatesd.conf
> > Extra: send a mail or add to log file
> Isn't that overkill for an enterprise distro? Subscribing to 
> the relevant mailing list should help shouldn't it? 
> Not even considering the potential load on the CentOS 
> servers, shouldn't an admin test updates without letting yum 
> auto-update? Updates do have issues too.

The default setting is every hour. Checking for an update at least once a
day is not bad as a bug fix can come in at anytime. I would think that is
very important for the server.

As for updates with issues, so far none, but I guess they will happen. I
slimmed down my system, and continue to do so, in the hopes that the less
stuff running, the less problems updating.

So far though, no problems with any update so far.